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About Us

80_36abe041.png Apart from being one of the largest economies in Asia, Taiwan is also an integral education hub for foreign students worldwide. Boasting more than 150 tertiary education institutions comprising varied study programs and supported by highly qualified and competent faculty members, Taiwan indeed is one of the key players in global education market. Among many others, it offers quality of education highly competitive to USA, UK, or Australia; promising future career through many job/training/internship opportunities; and a thriving environment to learn Chinese, one of the most widely spoken language in the world. Moreover, Taiwan is a safe and democratic place that allows for one’s optimum living and personal growth.
These qualities have long been recognized by other countries around the globe, Indonesia is no exception. Taiwan has seen a positive trend in terms of the number of Indonesian students studying there. As of 2017, the figure has reached around 4,500 in total, allowing Indonesia to become the third potential market after Malaysia and Japan. In recent years, Taiwanese government has been making vigorous efforts to attract even more Indonesian students through intensive promotion and incentives, such as scholarships and free Chinese lessons. These efforts are expected to secure even more positive results in the years to come.
TEC Indonesia’s Activities and Accomplishments

Supported by and operating under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, Taiwan Education Center (TEC) is a non-profit organization founded to promote Taiwan’s higher education and to enhance bilateral academic exchanges between Taiwan and other countries worldwide. Up to date, TEC has been established in several countries, such as Thailand, Japan, Mongolia, South Korea, Vietnam, etc.

Since its establishment, TEC Indonesia has been indispensable to both Taiwanese government and Indonesian prospective students, as evidenced by the steadily increasing inflow of Indonesian students to Taiwan. Via office and social media consultations, it has helped thousands of students from choosing universities that cater to their needs to preparing for post-admission requirements.

TEC Indonesia has also taken the initiative to actively visit high schools and universities all around Indonesia in order to increase awareness about Taiwan and its educational potentials. Thanks to the good relationships built through these visits, TEC Indonesia has been regularly invited to give a talk or to participate in the internal education exhibitions of the institutions. In addition to participating in university or high school fairs, TEC Indonesia has also participated in international education expos held by private-sector organizers.

On yearly basis since its commence, TEC Indonesia has served as one of the main organizers of Taiwan Higher Education Fairs (THEF), which have been held in Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Aceh, and so forth. Every year, this highly anticipated event invites Taiwan’s prominent officials and representatives from universities and attracts thousands of visitors. Last year, it featured more than 40 Taiwanese universities and was enthusiastically welcomed by the public in Jakarta and Medan.


Taiwan firmly believes in preserving Chinese culture, as clearly reflected in its attempt to preserve and promote the official language. Taiwan is the only place where people can learn Chinese in its traditional forms. One of TEC Indonesia’s missions is to promote Chinese learning and teaching, which has been achieved in the past through setting up language classes and cultural activities. Several years ago, for the first time TOCFL (Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language) was held in Indonesia, allowing people to assess their Chinese language proficiency.

Acting as a connecting link between the two countries, TEC Indonesia has proven to be a tremendous aid in bringing about academic exchanges between the two nations. TEC Indonesia has facilitated and created partnerships among Taiwanese and Indonesian institutions. As for governmental level, TEC Indonesia was also deeply involved in the materialization of DIKTI 3+1 Bridging Program since 2012. The breakthrough program has seen many Indonesian scholars to come to Taiwan to conduct post-graduate studies or attend short-term courses. In 2015, 40 out of 50 Indonesian lecturers of this program were successfully accepted into various PhD programs in Taiwan. The same, steady pattern is expected to continue in the future.
TEC Indonesia’s Vision for the Future

As long as TEC Indonesia receives full supports from Taiwan and Indonesia, it will persist in undertaking any endeavors to advance higher education in both countries. Additionally, it will continue collaborating with academic institutions in both countries to meet the urgent necessities of the present time. Indonesian current president Joko Widodo emphasizes on the importance of quality vocational and technical training for the sake of accelerating economic development. Taiwan, being one of the most resourceful nations in high technology, is more than willing to be an ally to Indonesia in achieving its ambitious goal. When needed, TEC Indonesia will be ready to be a part of strategic measures that ensure this great vision to become a reality.

In regard to promoting Chinese language, TEC Indonesia will offer assistance to Indonesian universities through providing language teachers from Taiwan and offering training to Chinese language teachers in Indonesia, together with promoting Chinese language classes and holding proficiency examinations. Taiwan universities that wish to open Indonesian language class can also receive similar help from TEC Indonesia.

In conclusion, all of TEC Indonesia’s future undertakings entail those that strengthen the academic exchanges between the two countries, resulting in mutual benefits for both.
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