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Poster:Doris TsaiPost date:2022-10-27
What is it?

Stekompreurship International Competition (SIC) 2023
 or “the Competition” or “the Event”is essentially a capacity building program with a practice area for pitching business ideastoinvestors before going into the real world. In this competition, the participants will engageinanentrepreneurship learning series and finally develop a business idea. Initially, the participants will enroll in five entrepreneurship online masterclasses wheretheywill learn all things about turning an idea into a business.
Then, the participants will formagroup of three to collaborate in developing an idea into a business model, framework, andaplan. Lastly, all participants will be challenged to pitch the idea to the judges, who will assessand value their business concept based on certain criteria. The best wins and get the chancetopresent their ideas to the STEKOM University Network.

When is it?

The competition will be held online on February 06 - 23, 2023, including one weekforpitching.

Who are the participants?

All students from STEKOM University and its partner universities (both in Indonesiaandabroad) are allowed to participate.
To become a partner university, there must be an Implementing Agreement with STEKOMUniversity legally signed by the chairs of departments of both universities.

What are the benefits?

In addition to getting the certificate of course completion, the participants will havethefollowing opportunities : - Win the competition prizes - Learn the best practical knowledge and skills in developing an idea into business from experienced instructors, mentors, and business owners - Expand business network an international level, including channels to investors - Build entrepreneurship network among the participants - Enhance the personality, emotional quality, and communication skills.
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