Announcement║ 2022 Summer Online Language and Culture Program Volunteer Recruitment!

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2022夏季線上華語文化研習營將於2022年8月8日至8月26日舉辦,邀請日本姊妹校同學線上修讀華語課程的同時,也與東海同學進行文化交流與合作。本次的文化活動將分為兩個項目:Culture Exchange Sessions與 Buddy Project;同學可以選擇參加其中一種活動,或是兩種皆參加,達成文化交流最大化!
2022 Summer Online Language and Culture Program will be held from August 8th to August 26th. The participants are mainly from partner universities in Japan. In addition to the Chinese language courses, we also arrange the culture programs for the participants. Thus, we want you to join us! We have two kinds of culture programs; you could choose to join both or either of them!

If you are interested in participating in the program, please check the information and regulation as below and the attachment and complete the online application.
線上報名表單 Online Application Form: https://form2.thu.edu.tw/2453394

備註:Buddy Project志工以報名截止,但是Culture Exchange Sessions持續開放報名。歡迎加入我們!
Notice: The application for Buddy Project is closed but the application of Culture Exchange Session will continue to open!

兩項活動簡述如下 Description of the two activities:

Culture Exchange Sessions
Culture Exchange Sessions主要會邀請參加華語營的學員們與東海的同學針對不同主題進行文化交流與分享。其中兩個場次也會邀請其他姊妹校的學生,將會有機會認識不同國家的同學。活動將以英文、中文、日文進行溝通。
In the Culture Exchange Sessions, the participants and THU students will have the opportunities to talk with one another with different topics or free talk! Among two of the sessions, we will also invite the students from the other partner universities in different countries to join us; therefore, you will have more chances to meet different people and cultures! English, Mandarin, and Japanese will be the main languages that are used.
Buddy Project 
除了4次固定時間的Culture Exchange Sessions,我們另外安排了Buddy Project。我們會安排每位日本學員配合一個東海同學作為Buddy,在3周的活動期間,學員與Buddy將一起完成一個企劃,並在活動的最後一天作發表(3-5分鐘),企劃籌備的期間Buddy與日本學員可以自行安排時間與進度,也可以與其他組合作變成團體企劃。企劃的的主題大致上會與文化相關,可參考以下主題進行比較、介紹、互相學習等不同面向去完成一個企劃,發表的呈現方式可以以簡報進行或是拍攝影片等各種方式皆可,Buddy同學可以與日本學員發揮創意!
Buddy Project is a project that needs to be done by the participants and their buddies. Each participant will be arranged with one buddy and you will work on a project together. You could refer to the topics below to do the compare and contrast, introduction of the topics, learning each other’s cultures, and so on. You could also cooperate with other groups to do the group project. On the last day of the project, each group will have 3-5 minutes to present your projects with PPT slides, videos, or any method you prefer!
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