Announcement║2022 Outbound Exchange Application_Group Oral Examination Announcement

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2022 Outbound Exchange Application_Group Oral Examination Announcement


1.口試日期 2021108()
      Date        October 8th, 2021

2.口試地點 人文大樓 H534  H535
       Location          Humanities Buidling H534 H535     

3.場次時間 如附件 場次表
      Time      As the list below

4.報到時間 每場次第一階段開始前15分鐘(H534)
      Registration Time  As the list below

5.攜帶證件 學生證(必要)
      Required Document   Student ID Card


      The group oral examination is organized in two sessions by the released schedule.

      The student failing to attend the group oral examination is not eligible for open school selection.

      If necessary, the student could request for the class-conflict certification for the OIR’s group oral examination after participating in the two sessions.

      To follow the disease prevention measures, please wear the mask during the oral examiation.



· 依據團體口試場次表進行兩階段團體口試

The group oral examination is organized in two sessions by the released schedule.

(1)    各場次團體口試人數依據總申請人數設定;每階段各場次時間均為15分鐘

The group size is specified by the number of total applicants, with 15 minutes for each session.

(2)    口試語言為中文;母語非中文同學得以英文進行口試

The group oral examination is conducted in Chinese; the student whose native language is not Chinese can use English in the group oral examination.

· 第一階段團體口試:30秒自我介紹、1分鐘個人抽選題、開放討論題

The session-1 group oral examination includes the self-introduction in 30 seconds, individual question in one minute, and open discussion question.

(1)    請於第一階段團體口試場次開始前15分鐘報到、領取個人抽選題進行準備

Please check-in 15 minutes before the Session 1 starts to prepare for the assigned individual question.

(2)    自我介紹:請於30秒內提示姓名、系級、目標選填學校、個人傑出表現

In the 30-second self-introduction, present your name, department, year of study, and personal achievements.  

(3)    個人抽選題:請於1分鐘內簡要回答全球視野與移動力相關問題

Answer briefly to the 1-minute individual question related to issues on global perspective and mobility.

(4)    開放討論題:請針對該場次的全球視野與移動力問題,主動提出你()的觀點

Present your viewpoint actively to the selected open discussion question on global perspective and mobility.

· 第二階段團體口試:請於指定時間內,積極展現赴海外學習的潛力並與口試教師互動

In the Session 2, show your potential for study abroad and interact with the examiners actively within assigned time.

(1)    基本議題:個人申請動機、交換學習計畫、人格特質

The essential topics include the motivation, study plan at the partner school, and personality.

(2)    建議延伸議題:目標選填學校所在區域的時事分享與討論、其他有利審查表現

The extended topics may include the current event in the region where the target schools are located and any other personal achievement that will impress the examiners. 

(3)    各議題建議舉出有趣的實例進行說明,增加互動性

You are encouraged to increase interactivity by illustrating an interesting example for each topic.

 聯絡電話 Contact Number  04-23592066



日  期  20211013()下午4





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