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Poster:Doris TsaiPost date:2021-09-30
  比利時姊妹校根特科技大學舉辦 "Virtual International Student Conversation Rooms",邀請世界各國的學生參加線上交流活動,認識彼此及交流不同的文化及生活背景,歡迎有興趣的同學踴躍報名參加,活動相關訊息如下:

It was a huge success with more that 160 students bearing more than 40 nationalities. A lot of students gave very positive feedback and some European students even travelled to meet each other in real life this Summer.
We strongly believe that these conversation rooms contribute to a greater understanding of each other. Therefore we are organizing these conversation rooms again on the following days:
Tuesday, October 19
Thursday, October 21
Tuesday, November 23
Thursday, November 25
The goal is to connect students, to have them talk to each other in informal way. No lecturer is present as we believe students will dare to talk more. 
We will make up groups op 6-8 students, with at least 3-4 different nationalities.
Enclosed are the instructions and ice breakers that we will send to all students enrolled.

For whom: business students (although non-business students can join as well), domestic and international exchange students.
Level of English: students should be able to talk English, so an average level is advisable if they want to actively participate in the conversation.
Registration for the sessions of October closes on October 10, registration for the sessions of November closes on November 10.
Students can participate in several sessions on both days, but we do expect them to attend: it’s not fun at all when students do not show up and only 2 students are present.

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