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Poster:Doris TsaiPost date:2021-01-25
 比利時根特科技大學舉辦International Student Room線上交流活動,希望藉由線上學生交流了解不同國際的學生生活及文化背景,歡迎管理學院及國際學院IBA的學生踴躍報名參加,活動相關訊息如下:

We are launching our International Student Conversation Rooms during our Internationalisation@home days on March 30 and March 31


Before covid-19 came into our lives, we organized international study trips for our students. This is of course not possible nowadays.

As we want our students to become global citizens with a 100% mobile mind, we are organizing various activities such as our Conversation Rooms,  an International Quiz, a panel with alumni working abroad, …

Throughout the whole semester we also invite guest speakers who will talk about global citizenship, diversity, inclusiveness, …


For our International Student Conversation Rooms we are looking for business students all over the world who would like to chat with our Belgian students.

Your students will get insights into Belgian life and culture, and our students will get insights into your students’ life and culture.


Above this, your students will also be able to meet other internationals as the aim is to make up groups of 3 to 4 nationalities if we have sufficient interest.


Students will meet in a safe environment (tool used: MS Teams), connecting in an informal way with students from partner universities, for 60 minutes. Ice breakers will be offered to make the first steps easier.


The common language is English.


The International Student Conversation Rooms will be held on Tuesday, March 30, and Wednesday, March 31. According to students' interests, this can be prolonged.


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