Announcement ║ACUCA Faculty Mobility Scheme (FMS, 2021 Spring)

Poster:Ailsa LinPost date:2020-07-15
Loosely modeled after the existing ACUCA Student Mobility Scheme (SMS) program, the ACUCA FMS is intended to promote and facilitate the exchange/placement of faculty among ACUCA member institutions. It aims to foster a better understanding of Asian communities and cultures among ACUCA faculty, and to increase academic and professional interactions among ACUCA institutions for the benefit of both the faculty and students.

For the detailed information, please refer to the attachment for the guideline.
For those who are interested in the program, please contact Ms. Ailsa Lin at OIR 2-3 weeks before the deadline in order to contact member institutes for further application information.

ACUCA FMS Application Deadline: 2020.08.30
Contact Email: ailsalin@go.thu.edu.tw

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Reference link:http://acuca.net/FMS/
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