Visitors║THU Students Participating in International Service Installation Art Exhibition “Parallel World “held by TFCF

Poster:Eric TsengPost date:2019-08-28

The world is wide, wide as if it has no boundary; the world is small, small as if it is a village. Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF) is currently hosting a exhibition “International Service Installation Art Exhibition - Parallel World”, looking forward to create a parallel view between parents and children for them to understand and interact with each other by using installation artworks from different countries and region that show various kinds of lifestyle and culture, and at the same time, provide a chance for people to experience the difficulties and obstructs the families and children are facing. Starting from August 22 until September 4 of 2019, every morning from 11:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m. at Taichung Civic Square on Chung Hsing Street side, a series of installation artworks designed by students from Department of Industrial Design of Tunghai University is displayed. The series included six major themes: public health, medical care, education, water source, nutrition, and residential safety, which people and parents with their children are invited to look around and learn about and experience the living situation of the underprivileged minority through interactive game.


 During the opening ceremony on August 23, Mrs. Su Qiu He, CEO of TFCF, especially thanked Department of Social Welfare of Taichung City for helping and provided the exhibition venue and also students from Department of Industrial Design of Tunghai University for designing those unique installation artwork. Mrs. He then invited senior executive officer, Mr. Tai Yuan Cheng, senior executive officer from Department of Social Welfare of Taichung City; Mr. Mao-Jiun Wang, president of Tunghai University; Mrs. Li Hui Lee, chairperson of Department of Industrial Design from Tunghai University; and Mr. Zhi Cheng Xie, professor of Department of Industrial Design from Tunghai University, to actually experience “Extra Nutrition “and “Difficulty of Water-Drawing”, which they became mothers from Jordan refugee camp who need to consider each children’s diet balance under limited budget. In the other situation, they became people living in a region in Africa that has insufficient water resource, which they understand in interacting with the landform installation art piece how difficult it is to draw water and the resulting problem like diseases from the water-drawing difficulty and sanitation issue.

Mr. Mao-Jiun Wang, president of Tunghai University, said that through the creative ideas from students of Department of Industrial Design, the community is able to have a chance in understanding more about the global village. Other than presenting what they have learned in design class, through the living safety device the students build, people can ponder again “what does a safe home space mean” and understand how TFCF helps those families in other foreign service locations to have a stable living quality.
In addition, education is the best chance in turning an impoverished child’s life around, but many children in still developing countries are compelled to give up their chance of learning due to family financial problem. Tunghai University’s idea of holistic education is centered on helping students to learn and development in every aspect that not only focus on general and professional education, but also character and life education. Thus, last year, Tunghai University and TFCF had signed a “Foreign Elite Training Plan” which will offer a scholarship of NTD 100,000 every year to foreign impoverished children, aiming to fund NTD 2,000,000 in the next 5 years to help 50 foreign outstanding children that need support to come study in Taiwan. This year, there are four students from Kyrgyz Republic and five students from Mongolia who come to Tunghai University to study. Through cooperating with TFCF, Tunghai University hopes to fulfill and live out the idea of university social responsibility.

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