Giving / How to Donate

Domestic Donators
Credit Card
  1. Donation Committee has special credit card machine for everyone to donate by credit card.
  2. Please download the donation form, and fax or mail it back to OIEP after completing, and we’ll contact with you.
  3. The deduction will work around 20th every month, and we’ll send the manifest to you in the beginning of next month.
  4. If you deliver after the process has begun, it will deduct next month. 
**Download the donation form**
Post Office Wiring
  1. Wiring Account:「00216021,Account Name:Tunghai University」
  2. Mobile blank: Please fill in the blank first with the aim for “International Education Development Fund.” 
Donate by Cash
  1. Mailing the “Cash Envelope” made by Post Office to OIEP to transfer. 
  2. If it’s large amounts of money, please contact us, and we will send someone who is in charge with this matter.
Check Check payable to:Tunghai University
Please make the sideline, and state clearing in writing “forbidden endorse over”, and mail it to OIEP by registered letter. 
Bank Remittance

Account Name: Tunghai University
Bank: Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd榮總簡易型分行
Swift Code:017
Bank Account:083-10-283799

Please provide your related information if you donate by remitting or ATM, we’ll process the receipt as soon as possible.  
  1. Donator’s Name
  2. Donator’s telephone number and address
  3. The Last 5 numbers of Trading Account Number
Contact with OIEP Undertaker:Sammie Chang
Tel.:+886-4-23590121 ext.28502
Add.:OIEP, No.1727, Sec. 4, Taiwan Boulevard, Xitun Dist., Taichung, Taiwan 40704
  1. All the donation will get a donation certification by Tunghai University for your tax reference.
  2. If you lose your receipt, please contact us, and we’ll send the copy to you.

Overseas Donator: Donators in the United States
You may get VTA receipt by the United Board, please designate for Tunghai University.
TEL 212-870-3121
Link http://www.unitedboard.org
Add. 475 Riverside Drive,Suite 1221, New York,NY 10115 U.S.A.

Overseas Donators: Donators outside the United States
  1. For your convenience, you may wire your donation from foreign banks.
  2. Please download the donation form and fill it out, then fax or email it to us.FAX: 886-4-2359-0884, E-MAIL: sammie@thu.edu.tw
  3. If you prefer not to fill out the donation form, make sure you indicate the designation of your donation when you wire the money so that our cashier will know where to transfer the fund. Or, contact us via phone or email.
  4. The donation will be converted to NEW TAIWAN DOLLARS according to the exchange rate. The bank will deduct related service charges from the proceeds. Then, the net amount will be transferred to the proper account here at Tunghai University.
  5. Please use the related information below to wire your donation: 
Bank Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd Taichung Branch
Bank’s Address 216, Min. Chuan Road, Taichung Taiwan. 
Bank’s TEL 886-4-22281171
Bank’s FAX 886-4-22241855
Account Number 083-10283799
Account Name Tunghai University
ID Number 52004800
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