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Inbound International Exchange/ Visiting Student / Academic Information

Enrollment Information
2019 Fall Exchange Student Hand Book (include pre-departure information) (Download)
Airport Pick-up Service
2020 Spring Semester service date: February 14, 2020
Pick-up Service Application Form (Download) (Apply before January 15, 2020)
List of Courses taught in English 2022 Spring (NEW!)
2021 Fall2021Spring2020 Fall
2020 Spring2019 Fall2019 Spring

Course Details Searching System: http://fsis.thu.edu.tw/wwwstud/frontend/CourseList.php 
(Click for English-taught Course List and Syllabus Searching Instruction)
Courses taught in Chinese For students intend to take some academic courses taught in Chinese, please go on the course details searching system (in Chinese only).
Course Details Searching System: http://fsis.thu.edu.tw/wwwstud/frontend/CourseList.php

(The departments and degree system are mandatory areas. This semester is 109 academic year, the 1st semester.)
Course Restrictions
  1. All the courses offered at Tunghai University are open to exchange students, but the final decision of accepting the students will be made by the college/department depending on the size of the classes and the level (including language and academic level) of the students.
  2. Credits restriction for each semester: Minimum 9 credits, Maximum 25 credits, including the Chinese Language Courses offered by our Chinese Language Center (CLC). CLC Chinese Language Courses maximum 15 credits. 
  3. The courses which need extra material fees provided by the Department of Hospitality are not available to exchange students.
  4. Students intending to register for courses in the Department of Architecture, Industrial Design, Landscape Architecture, Fine Arts and Music will need to pass a professional review and obtain the approval from the departments. (Students may need to pay extra fees according to the fee structures of these courses.)
Course Registration
  1. Exchange Student Course Registration System: http://national.service.thu.edu.tw/ (Course Registration Process: Click to Download)
  2. The Chinese language courses will be provided by our Chinese Language Center (CLC). The courses provided by CLC will not be shown on the academic course registration system.
  3. Students will be registered in Chinese Language Center after taking the placement test and finish the process on the orientation day.
Othe Information
  1. Introduction of Colleges and Departments
  2. Codes of Building & Course Units and Hours 
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