Overseas Students


Inbound International Exchange/ Visiting Student / General Information and Application Process

Academic Term
Fall Semester (1st): September to January (TBC)

Spring Semester (2nd): February to June (TBC)
Exchange Period One or Two semesters
Application Period
Fall Semester (1st): March 1 to April 30
Spring Semester (2nd): October 1 to November 30
Nomination Students should be nominated by International Office at home institute. 
Please complete the Nomination Form by the deadline.
Course Restrictions
  1. The courses provided by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature are only opened to the students who major in English in their original University/Institution.
  2. The courses which require extra material fees provided by the Department of Hospitality are not available for the exchange students.
  3. The exchange students can only take the courses in the Department of Architecture / Department of Music subject to their approval and the students will need to pay extra professional guiding fee.
Required Documents Please submit the following documents on the system, all the documents must be clear scanned
  1. Online Application Form 
  2. Passport Copy (The passport should be valid for at least 6 more months after the end of the exchange period.)
  3. Letter of recommendation written in English or in Chinese
  4. Study Plan in English or in Chinese
  5. Official Academic Transcript in English or in Chinese
  6. Tunghai University Dormitory Housing Application Form (optional)
  7. Financial certification of USD 3000 (e.g. Bank Statement..)
  8. Digital file (.jpg) of passport-size photo (97pixels x 131pixels) with WHITE background **Please set the file name as student's name
Special Requirements:
  1. Portfolio/Work Collection  (For students applying for the Dept. of Architecture, Fine Arts, Industrial Design, Landscape Architecture)
  2. Certificate for the major instrument (For students applying for the Dept. of Music)
Health Examination Policy
  1. Students exchanging for one semester are required to submit a "Medical Examination Requirement for Short-Term Students Form C" ( Click to Download
  2. Students who will stay for one year will complete the medical examination while applying for the resident visa; thus, Form C is not applicable.
  3. In order to meet the health policy by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, students who fail to provide the proof are required to get a vaccine injection (approx. TWD 850) at a local hospital within 14 days after arriving in Taiwan. 
  1. For detail information, please visit the following web site and find an embassy or consulate of Taiwan near you.  http://www.taiwanembassy.org/portalOfDiplomaticMission_en.html
  2. From 2012, all the visa applicants need to submit the application form online and print the form. Then follow the standard procedure for visa application.
  3. Online Application Form System: https://visawebapp.boca.gov.tw/

  4. For students staying for only one semester in Taiwan, a "Visitor Visa" should be applied for. Further information can be found at http://www.boca.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=1422&ctNode=777&mp=2
  5. For students staying for one year (two semesters) in Taiwan, a "Resident Visa" should be applied for. Further information can be found at http://www.boca.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=6139&ctNode=778&mp=2
Exit & Entry Permit
(Chinese Student)
Chinese passport holders applying for the exchange program from partner schools not located in China, Hong Kong and Macau must submit individual application materials in digital copy to the OIR. The permit costs TWD 900 and will be issued in digital format by the immigration office. The student will need to pay this fee after arriving at Tunghai University.
When the permit has been issued, OIR will send it to the student. The student must print out the permit in colour and then use it for entering Taiwan. Please note, if the student will enter Taiwan from China, Hong Kong or Macau (including flight transfer), the student must apply for the Exit and Entry Permit (大陸居民往來台灣通行證) issued by the Chinese Government at the local Ministry of Public Security.

Required Documents:
  1. Application Form (Typewritten, MS word format)
  2. 2" head shot photo with white background (JPG format)
  3. Certificate of Enrollemnt from Partner School (The date of issue should be within 1 month before application, JPG format)
  4. Chinese Identification Card Scanned Copy (JPG format)
  5. Passport Scanned Copy (JPG format)
  6. Residential Card or Student Visa Scanned Copy (To ensure the student will have a valid visa to return to their home institution, JPG format)
**All the application materials must be scanned in colour and submitted in the assigned format. 
Exit & Entry Permit
(Hong Kong & Macau)
To be announced
 Insurance requirements
  1. All international exchange/visiting students are required to purchase the Tunghai International Student Commercial Insurance which covers accident medical care (such as traffic accident) and admission to hospital emergency rooms for periods exceeding 6 hours. This insurance does not cover common cold, dental care, skin allergy or other minor medical expenses. 
  2. Group Insurance: TWD 700 (one semester) or TWD 1,400 (two semesters) <subject to be modified>
  3. If you wish to prepare the insurace on your own, please submit the Affidavit Form and submit along with insurance certificate on orientation day.
Housing arrangements On-campus dormitory:
  1. Please check the box on the application form for the on-campus dormitory. (The pictures and description of the dormitory: Press the link)
  2. Once you check the box on the Housing application form for the on-campus dormitory, you have to pay FULL dormitory fee. No cancellation or refund is possible.
  3. Each room is shared among four students, and each student is provided with a bed, desk, chair, closet, and bookshelf. Shared shower rooms, toilets, launderettes, and living room with TV are available. 
  4. Dorm Fee: TWD 9,700 - 12,700 / semester (subject to the announcement of THU)
  5. If you need us to purchase the full bedding pack for you, please check box on the application form. Full bedding pack (consisting of a pillow, pillow case, flat mattress and blanket): TWD1,500-1,800
Off-campus dormitory:
  1. Formosa Life Services
  2. My Room Abroad
  3. Mr. Chu's House
  4. TungHaiLand Youth House
Estimated Monthly Expenses
  1. Meals: TWD 7,500-10,000 
  2. Transportation: TWD 200-500 (by bus)
  3. Air-conditioning: TWD 500- 1,500
  4. Books: TWD 500-3,000
  5. Entertainment: TWD 1,000-5,000
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