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Overseas Chinese Student / Overseas Chinese Student- Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees for Overseas Chinese Student

1.Basic Fees:
All students are required to pay basic fees each semester. Please note that all scholarship recipients are also required to pay the basic fees. Following are the detail items:
Items Fees Remarks
Insurance (Safety Plan for All Students) NTD$ 250 per semester  各學制學生在學期間
Insurance (Safety Plan for Overseas Chinese  Student) NTD$ 600 (6 months) Insurance for holding A.R.C. on first 6 months
Insurance (Medical Plan for Overseas Chinese Student) NTD$ 4,494 per month 每月749元,每學期以6個月計收
ICT Fee NTD$ 500-1,200 per semester 研究所500元、大學部500元、唯大一新生(含轉學生第一年)1200元
Language Learning Fees NTD$ 1,020 per semester 修習大一英文者
Dorm Fees  NTD$ 9,200-13,000 per semester (18 weeks) 各宿舍價錢不一

2.Tuition Fees and Other Required Fees (per semester ) NTD$:
College Department Undergraduate  Graduate Institute / Master
College of Arts -Foreign Languages and Literature
-Japanese Language and Culture
NTD$ 50,150  NTD$ 48,217  
College of Arts -Chinese Literature
NTD$ 48,217  NTD$ 48,217  
College of Science -Applied Physics
-Life Science
-Applied Mathematic
NTD$ 55,820  NTD$ 55,820  
College of Engineering -Chemical and Materials Engineering
-Industrial Engineering and Enterprise Information
-Electrical Engineering
NTD$ 56,289   NTD$ 56,289  
College of Engineering -Environmental Science and Engineering
-Computer Science
NTD$ 55,820  NTD$ 55,820  
College of Management -Business Administration
-International Business
-Information Management
NTD$ 48,951 NTD$ 48,951  
College of Management -Global Master of Business Administration  - NTD$ 69,020
College of Social Science -Economics
-Political Science
-Public Management and Policy
-Social Work
NTD$ 48,217 NTD$ 48,217  
College of Agriculture -Animal Science and Biotechnology
-Food Science
-Hospitality Management
NTD$ 55,820  NTD$ 55,820 
College of Fine Arts and Creative Design -Fine Arts
-Industrial Design
NTD$ 56,289  NTD$ 56,289  
College of Fine Arts and Creative Design -Landscape Architecture NTD$ 55,820  NTD$ 55,820  
College of Law -Law NTD$ 48,217 NTD$ 48,217  
International College -International Business Administration Program NTD$ 69,020 -
International College -Sustainabitily Science and Engineering Program NTD$ 76,800 -
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