International Student (Info. of COVID-19)


International Student (Info. of COVID-19)

Before entering Taiwan

(1) For students who can enter Taiwan with valid ARC : Please complete the Survey on Entry/ Exit Taiwan during 2022 Pandemic.

(2) For the students who need Entry Permit Certificate from the MOE: Once you got the visa, please update vias and flight information in the Online Pre-arrival Service Info. System for New International Students ((
https://oirisas.thu.edu.tw/user/index.php). Inform the OIR office when you complete it. OIR office will assist you in obtaining the Overseas Student Entry Permit Certificate from the MOE

Before boarding

(1) Print out the Overseas Student Entry Permit Certificate and the Confirmation list of Quarantine hotel for border entry checks.

(2) Prepare the passport, Overseas Student Entry Permit Certificate, a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test result (within 48 hours before boarding) and Confirmation list of Quarantine hotel when you at the check-in counter.

(3) Fill out a health declaration form in the Quarantine System for Entry (

Arriving at Taoyuan Airport 

(1) Inform school contacts immediately about your arrival and follow the airport staff's instructions to complete the entry process.

(2) Buy the Taiwan sim card and receive the COVID-19 health declaration and home quarantine notice.

(3) Send the COVID-19 health declaration and home quarantine notice to OIR contacts if you receive it.

(4) Let school contacts know as soon as you reach your taxi. Also inform us  immediately about your arrival at quarantine hotel.

During quarantine

(1) According Taiwan CDC and MOE's rule, you should conduct Home Quarantine for 10days after entering Taiwan immediately. Also, you are allow to entry campus after completeing 7 days self-health management.

(2) Please turn on your phone all day long for quarantine tracking.

(3) Report about your health condition to the THUCDC Line and CDC Line Bot every day.

Quarantine compensation
After completing the 10-day quarantine and you are eligibel for applying, you can apply for a quarantine subsidy (https://swis.mohw.gov.tw/covidweb/home/index.jsp)
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