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Outbound Short-term Study Program

Eligibility and Application
  1. Application requirements differ by program type and some may have additional requirements. Please consult the program information on each webpage.
  2. An average scores on Student Labor Education must above 70.
  3. Application Information:
    (1) Online application only. Please visit the OIEP website for further information.
    (2) Application Deadline: Please note that varied programs may have different deadlines. Always visit the OIEP website for the official application deadline.
    (3) Application Fees: NTD$200 (This non-refundable fees are for administrative costs and interview. Please pay the fees while handing in the application documents.)
             **Application fees is not refundable.**
Application Documents
  1. Application form (offered by OIR)
  2. One photocopy of student ID card
  3. One photocopy of passport
  4. Official academic transcript for all semesters
  5. Verification of class ranking (in previous two semesters)
  6. Personal statement (in both English and Chinese, 500-1000 words)
  7. Related documents, eg certificates of merit in excellent achievement or outstanding awards (optional)
**All required documents must be handed in one original copy and one photocopy and be put in order (no staple).**
Interview and Judging Criteria
  1. The exact interview date and time will be posted on the OIEP website. Please always consult the OIEP web page.

  2. Judging Criteria:
  3. (1)Overall grades for all semesters
    (2)Scores on Labor Education Program
    (3)Performance in all extra-curricular activities
Release of Result and Admission Confirmation
  1. Release of Result: The result will be posted on the OIEP website after one week of the interview, without notice.
  2. Admitted students must pay the deposit by the due date posted on the OIEP website.
  3. Admitted students must hand in the following documents to OIEP in person by the due date (the admission will be canceled due to the overdue documents and the students on the ranked waiting list will fill up the vacancy).
  4. (1) Confirmation Form of Acceptance
    (2) Parental/Guardian Consent Form
    (3) Health Declaration
    (4) Receipt of Deposit (NTD$10,000, please pay it at the Cashier Office)
  5. Admitted student must submit one Refusal Form of Admission by the due date if he/she chooses not to take it. In addition, overdue for the payment of tuition fees will be viewed as refusal of admission.
  6. Once the Refusal Form of Admission is submitted, any withdrawal or change is not accepted.
  7. Students on the waiting list are ranked according to their overall grades. If spaces of any class become available, the students on the ranked waiting list will be offered the admission in order.
  1. Non-refundable fees: If admitted students cannot join the program because of personal reasons beyond the required period, the tuition fees cannot be refunded (because the fees are remitted to the partner university already).
  2. Refundable fees:
  3. (1) Deposit: The deposit will be partially or fully refunded based on the rules if admitted students cannot join the program because of personal reasons within the required period.
    (2) Tuition fees: Given the unavoidable reasons for example disasters, SARS etc., admitted students cannot join the exchange program, and a partial amount after deduction for the required payment will be refunded.

  4. Once the flight ticket is issued, students are responsible for the penalty and the losses of returning the ticket because of personal reasons not to join the program.
  5. Deduction: If the study report is not submitted in one month of the end of the program, NTD 500 per day will be charged for overdue from the deposit.
  1. Pre-departure orientation: The exact date will be announced by OIR (Admitted students must attend this orientation. The absentee will be disqualified from the application for the scholarship).
  2. Admitted students’ obligation:
  3. (1). Admitted students must take part in the related activities, for example the language training, orientation training, and pre-departure orientation. The absentee will be disqualified from the application for the scholarship.
    (2). Submit one study report over 2000 words with photos in one month of the end of the program and email the report to the reginal coordinaotr at OIR..
    (3). After the case is closed, a partial or full amount of the deposit will be refunded based on the rule.
    (4). Admitted students must serve as an international service volunteer before going abroad or returning to Taiwan. The service regulation will be announced by OIR.
    (5). Admitted students must obey the instructions of the leading teacher and take part in the curricular activities truly. Violators will be deducted from their deposit.

  4. Studying Scholarships: Admitted students enable to win the overseas studying scholarships. The release of the result and the amount of scholarships will be announced after the interview.
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