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Double Degree / How to Apply

Qualifications 1.Enrolled Junior or senior year student
2.Labor Education Grade above 70 in two semester. If not, please privde your conduct grades. 
3.Grade Point Average (GPA)above 3.0 at least (on a 4.0 Scale)
4.Please refer to the desire double degree program for the langauge requirements, student will need to meet the language requirement in order to submit the applications.
1.Application Form
2.Official English Transcript for all semesters.
3.Class Rank for all semesters (Apply at the Academic Office - Register Section)
4.Study Plan (500 words arverage in English)
5.Photocopy of English Proficiency Test (TOEFL, IELTS or TOEIC)
6.Recommendation Letter from Professors or Department Chair

※Only the recommendation letter needs to seal in the envelope, other documents should be placed by order then submit to the person in charge. 
How to Apply 1. Please submit your Tunghai Application one month prior before the double degree program deadline in order to review your qualifications.
2. After your application has been approved by the OIEP Office, you will be able to submit your applications by the deadline.
3.Application Fees:NTD 500 dollars  (Not refundable)

※ All the procedures need to be done in order to garantee your applications.
1. Academic Performance for all semesters
2. Labor Education Perfomance
3. Class Rank for all semesters

4. Langauge Proficiency

※ All the nominee students must received the approval by the partner schools in order to study the double degree program
Result Release
and Confirmation
1.Accepted student will be notify by the OIEP office directly.
2.Accepted student must need to submit the following documents when receiving the result:
(1)「Confirmation of Qalifications」
(2)「Letter of Authorization」
(3) Study Deposit NTD 10,000 dollars

- If student wishes to give up the admission, student will need to submit the 
Renunciation_of_Accepted_Qualification. If student failed to submit the require documents, his/her qualification will automatically cancel.
- Study Deposit will be fully return while student complete the program and return to Tunghai University

3. Once the Renunciation of Accepted Qualification has been submitted, there is no changes or withdraw could be made.
4. There is no obligation for the OIEP Office or Partner school to reserve your acceptance or delay your admission. Once the student failed to arrive at the program start date, the qualification will be cancelled.
5.Aftter arrival, student will need to submit the Verification of Study and Registration sheet after arrival to the OIEP Office. 
6. No matter student will transfer the credit or not after returning to Tunghai, there is no refund or any fees has been made.
7. Student must need to report to the OIEP Office after the completion of the program and receive the credit transfer form to complete the procedure.
and Refund Policy
1.Non Refundable Fees:
After paying the study deposit, if student cancell the qualification for personal reason, there is no refund could be made. And the student migjt be rejected by the OIEP office for any other activies in the future.

2.Refundable Fees:
※Study Deposit:Unless for personal reason, any possible disasters, health issue and financial issue...ect. the study deposit could be return.
※Student will receive the study deposit after complete all the require obligations after completion of the program.
Remarks  For more information about the individual program application requirement, please refer to the double degree program school list.

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