Cross-Strait Cooperation


Short Program in China

Eligibility and Application 1. Undergraduate or graduate students (must have studied at least one semester at THU)
Student Labor Education
3. Must be current student at THU (applicants must not completed the graduation requirements)
Application Documents 1. Application form (offered by OIR)
Official academic transcript for all semesters (including Student Labor Education) 
3. V
erification of class ranking for all semesters
Interview  Needless for short-term program
Release of Result and Admission Confirmation Submit the following doucments before the deadline to ensure your qualification. Overdue documents will not be accepted and be treated as disqualification, and the vacancy will be filled by next student in line.

1. Confirmation Form of Acceptance
2. Parental/Guardian Consent Form
3. Health Declaration
4. Receipt of Deposit (NTD$3,000, please pay it at the Cashier Office)
5. Related event application forms
Cost 1.Students are responsible for their own flight ticket, airport tax, insurance fee, and license fee (Please be aware that once the flight ticket to China is issued, students are responsible for the penalty and the losses of returning the ticket because of personal reasons not to join the program).
2. Most Chinese host schools will afford the reception expenses (accommodation, domestic transportation, meal, cultural visit), but some will require extra fee, which will be according to the partner shools.
3. Deposit of NTD$3000, will be refunded once all requirements after returning are done.
Travel safety insurance should be applied by students themselves.
5. Application fee is NTD$200

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