Cross-Strait Cooperation


Exchange Program in China


New Selection Procedure PPT (NEW)2019 Fall 2018 Fall 2017 Fall 


1. Undergraduate or graduate students who have studied at least one semester at THU (while studying abroad, applicants must not completed the graduation requirements).
2. For other qualification criteria, please see partner schools' brochure.
Application Period
and Fees
1. Please fill in the Online application
2. Hand in required application documents
3. Application deadline: The deadline will be posted on the OIR website.
4. Administrative fees: NTD$500 (The fee is non-refundable. Please pay it while handing in the application documents.)
NOTE: Only the procedures mention above are completed, the application will be accepted.
Application Documents All documents must be put in order (no staple)
(1) Student ID
(2)    Application form (Please complete the Online application then print out and signed)
(3) Official English academic transcript for all semesters (Please highligh the GPA for each semester)
(4) Verification of class ranking for all semesters  (Please highlight the percentage for each semester)
(5) Optional: language proficiency certificate photocopy
        English proficiency: TOEFL iBT or IELTS
        Copy of Japanese proficiency certification must includes Grade and Certificate of Conformance

** Please submit the document in order, OIR office will not provide printing or photocopy service

Review Criteria
Grade Calculation:   
Academic 40% Average GPA and class ranking of all semester
Group Oral Exam 40% Average grade from three teachers from different college
**Absence from the oral exam will autometically being disqualified
Foreign Language Proficiency 10%
Extra credit according to optional foreign langulage proficiency certificate
Student Labor Education 10% Each semester will be 5%
**Graduate students and undergraduates of continuing education will have the percantage combined into oral exam

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