International Cooperation



 - List of Potential Collaborations at Partner Universities

Please kindly download the list of potential collaboration departments at partner universities. The Universities highlight in yellow are highly recommended

- International Collaborative Reference Documentation   Download All

  1. Draft of University Level Memorandum of Understanding
  2. Draft of Department/College Level Memorandum of Understanding
  3. Draft of University Level Student Exchange Agreement
  4. Draft of Department/College Level Student Exchange Agreement
  5. Draft of Memorandum of Understanding for short-term program
  6. Draft of Memorandum of Understanding Renewal
  7. THU Information Sheet
  8. THU Introduction Flyer
  9. THU Global Partnership Information Sheet  (Please kindly submit this documents to the OIR office for College/department level recommend institutions)
Exchange Programs Tunghai University has a growing number of international exchange partners around the globe. Each year, we welcome many international students who embark as exchange students on our academic programs from our sister schools. 

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