Our Mission

The mission of OIR is to make Tunghai University a globally aware and culturally diverse institution. To accomplish this mission, OIR actively promotes exchanges and collaborations with universities all over the world and contributes to the creation of an internationally diverse campus.  

Tunghai University has always been a keen participant in the international academic community. It was founded in 1955 through the joint efforts of educators and policy-makers in the USA and Taiwan and from its early years recruited a diverse range of American, British, and European faculty members. Tunghai continues to build on this foundation and to date has partnership agreements with 266 universities in 28 countries. The OIR, moreover, actively endeavors to develop new agreements with institutions around the globe.    

Other aspects of OIR’s mission include:

  • To help Tunghai students connect with institutions and people in other countries and cultures and encourage them to participate in overseas exchange programs, international internship programs, and work-study programs.
  • To assist foreign students who come to Tunghai as exchange students, dual degree students, or visiting students. 
  • To assist with the organization of international conferences, and invite distinguished scholars, policy-makers, and business leaders to Tunghai for both long-term and short-term visits.
  • To provide Chinese language and culture instruction for foreign students in Tunghai’s Chinese Language Center. 

OIR endeavors to foster a pleasant and welcoming campus for foreign students and assists them as they arrive on campus and settle into a new learning/living environment. In keeping with the increasing number of foreign scholars and students on campus, OIR helps transform Tunghai into a bilingual and cultural friendly campus. 

OIR will continue to envision and implement plans to further advance international education and collaboration. 




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