Announcement║ 2022 Outbound Exchange Program_Open School Selection Announcement

Poster:Kuei-Tsung ChenPost date:2021-10-13

1.      Open School Selection Schedule
Date: October 15, 2021
Time: According to the scedule attached
Venue: 銘賢堂(Ming Hsien Hall) near OIR Office

2.      Confirmation of Admission (Submission of required documents and deposit)

3.      Complete the required application at partner university

Notice I. 
1. Please confirm respective requirements and restrictions by each target school in your wish list with reference to the information provided. The qualification will be cancelled if you are not eligible.
2. Some universities in China haven’t provided the information for exchange program due to the pandemic. You could still select the school but please kindly be informed that some exchange study opportunities listed below may be cancelled. In this case, the admission will be cancelled directly and you will not be able to select other schools.
3. Due to Covid-19, whether the admitted student can leave for the partner school as scheduled remains uncertain. In case that the admitted student cannot leave for the partner school as scheduled, the NT$10,000 deposit will be fully refunded. However, the student cannot request the OIR to reserve the admission.    

Notice II.
1. Student ID Card is required. If you ask other students to select the school for you, both of your student ID cards are required.
2. Please confirm respective requirements and restrictions by each target school in your wish list with reference to the information provided
3.     As long as you are qualified, you could select the school regardless regions and nations.
4.     Please attend the Open School Selection according to the schedule. If you are absent, the qualification will be cancelled directly. 
5.     The class-conflict certification for the OIR’s Open School Selection after your session.
Regulations and Procedures
1. Please attend the Open School Selection according to the schedule and fill in the personal information on the “Open School Selection Confirmation Form.”
2. 5 students will be arranged in one session and select the school in order. If you miss the session that you are arranged, you will be arranged to other sessions according to the exact situation.
3. Every student has two minutes to decide and submit the “Open School Selection Confirmation Form” to complete the whole procedure.
4. For the student failing to check-in or giving up open school selection following the call, the count of the student’s completed outbound exchange remains unchanged.

Admission Confirmation and Documents Submission
1. Admission Confirmation
  • Please complete the following procedures and submit the required documents by 16:00 on October 20th, 2021.
  1. Submit the Confirmation of Qualification and Letter of Authorization (as attachment)
  2. Pick up the payment slip at the OIR and pay the NT$10,000 deposit at the Cashier’s Office and return the receipt (yellow paper) to OIR.
  3. If you decide to give up the admission, please submit “Renunciation of Accepted Qualification.”
  • The student failing to confirm admission on time is regarded as giving up admission.
2.     Application Procedure at Partner University
  • Please complete the application procedure according to the guidelines from partner university and the instruction from OIR.
  • The detailed information will be sent separately to your email from OIR. Please make sure you check the email inbox regularly.
1. Open School Selection Schedule
2. Letter of Attorney
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