Announcement║ Survey on Entry/ Exit Taiwan during 2021 Pandemic

Poster:Ailsa LinPost date:2021-05-19
1. 有意返國的境外生,必須在一週前填寫表單並上傳所有相關資料
2. 國際處每週統計人數製作名單後,統一上簽呈請校長核示
3. 國際處彙整每週返國學生名單送至系上

According to the resolution of Epidemic Prevention Team on May 13, 2021, Office of International Relations will be responsible for collecting and organizing the willingness and status of overseas student exiting and entering Taiwan.
For overseas students who intend to return to their home country, OIR will uniformly submit the list to the principal for verification.
In accordance with the resolution of the Epidemic Prevention Team, OIR has announced the second form on May 18, providing application for overseas students to return to their home country. The relevant procedures are as follows:
1. For overseas students who intend to return to their home country, you must fill in the form and upload all related information a week beforehand
2. OIR will count the number of students every week to make the list and uniformly submit this list to the principal for verification
3. OIR will also organize the list of overseas student intend to go back to home country every week and send it to each department
(link: https://form2.thu.edu.tw/view.php?id=1727413&mf_page=1)
Regarding course related questions after overseas student exited Taiwan, such as online or video teaching, tests, homework, and grades, please have departments refer to the latest announcement and practice of the Office of Academic Affairs and confirm with students that they understand their rights and obligations. Since OIR is not under any department that we do not understand the teaching situation/condition, we can only try our best to remind students to keep in contact with their instructors and department teaching assistant before leaving Taiwan to avoid affecting their studies.
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