Announcement║FPT University - Virtual Mobility Programs

Poster:Ailsa LinPost date:2020-09-28
Under the incluence of COVID-19 pandemic, FPT University, Vietnam, provides the remote internship opportunities. Please refer to the link below for the detailed information. The program will be devided into two stages(as following), students could choose to participate in stage 1 or both of them:

Stage 1: Internship in ASEAN Online Preparation - 1-week: organized during Spring Break (15 Jan - 22 Jan)
  • ASEAN Culture: Talks and Exchange Events
  • ASEAN Business and Vietnam Economy 
  • Virtual Vietnam Tours
Stage 2: Internship (students can choose to do Onsite/Virtual Internship) - 5 week (in summer break)
  • Pre Internship Training 
  • Internship at Company
  • Culture Tours (if students join Onsite) 
If you are interested in the Stage 1, please contact Ms. Ailsa Lin at ailsalin@go.thu.edu.tw for the application peocedures.
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